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Depth of Resources

We at Afric-Aus have developed a significant local & international presence in the following areas of expertise with experienced personnel from a wide range of industries

1. Process/Environmental Safety:
✔ Functional Safety Assessment (FSA), SIL Classification, Implementation and Verification;
✔ Hazards and Operability Reviews;
✔ safety Critical Element Analysis;
✔ Safety Case Development and Optimization;
✔ Performance Standards Development;
✔ Written Scheme of Verification & Examination for Safety/environmental/business critical elements including RBI application;
✔ Fault Tree Analysis (FTA) – specifically for Critical Safety Items;

2. Production & Asset Audit, Inspection and Optimization:
(a). Hazardous Areas classification and Equipment inspection:
✔ Design for flammable gases and liquids;
✔ Design for combustible dusts;
✔ Verification Dossier;
✔ Inspection, testing and auditing;
✔ Conformity assessment for overseas certified equipment;
✔ Training and competency assurance;
✔ Third party client representation;
✔ Hazardous Areas Equipment Inspection/Audit;
✔ Regulatory compliance.

(b.) Asset HSE & Commercial Compliance Management:
✔ Safety Case development, assessment and optimization;
✔ Safety Critical elements (SCE) Identification, evaluation and optimization;
✔ SCE performance Standards development, evaluation and optimization;
✔ Written scheme of examination development, evaluation and Optimization;
✔ Environmental Impact Assessment evaluation and optimization;
✔ Environmental Critical Elements (ECE) Identification, evaluation and optimization;
✔ ECE performance standard development, evaluation and optimization;
✔ Business (economics) Case development, assessment and optimization;
✔ Economics Critical Element (asset) identification, evaluation and optimization;
✔ Economic Critical Elements (ECE) performance Standards development, evaluation and optimization;
✔ Maintenance Strategy reviews and optimization;
✔ Maintenance Strategy and Work Instruction Development
✔ Asset Criticality Evaluation and Optimization;
✔ Spares Strategy development, evaluation and optimization;
✔ CMMS taxonomy evaluation and optimization;
✔ Work process evaluation and simplification;
✔ Maintenance planning evaluation and optimization;
✔ Alignment of maintenance strategy to company objectives;
✔ Maintenance Plan and route evaluation and development;
✔ Failure Modes and Effects Criticality Analysis (FMECA)/ FMEA
✔ Bad Actor Identification/ Elimination;
✔ Failure Report and Corrective Actions (FRACAS)/ Root Cause Analysis;
✔ Operations Procedure Development;
✔ Operational Implementation Plan (OIP);
✔ Fault tolerance/redundancy identification/evaluation in system hardware/software;
✔ Maintenance Strategy Development and Implementation,
✔ Work Instruction Development and Optimization;
✔ Replacement Options Analysis (Technical and Economics);
✔ Competent with Advanced Reliability Tools like Weibull, Monte Carlo and other Statistical Tools.

3. Planning and Scheduling:
✔ Schedule creation and tracking;
✔ Budget and proposals Management;
✔ Technical and Business KPI development, Review and/or Optimization;
✔ Project planning and Controls;
✔ Work Breakdown Structures leading to +-2% accuracy in CTR generation

4. Design Reviews [Emphasis on Reliability, Availability and Maintainability]:
✔ Failure Predictions, Reliability Block Diagrams (RBD);
✔ Inspection and Test Plans (ITP) development, and Reporting in accordance with standards like ASME, ASTM, ANSI, API, AS/NZS, ISO, BS and the IEC

5. Leadership and People Management:
✔ Mentoring and Development
✔ Career NEED identification
✔ Personnel Critical Skills Evaluation and Development (PCSED)
✔ Succession Plan Development and Implementation.
✔ Staff Coverage Plan and Administration
✔ Bedding Analysis

6. Others
✔ Factory acceptance testing (FAT) and System Integration testing (SIT) procedure Development, Optimization and Client representative (SIT);
✔ Maintenance and RBI Strategy development;
✔ SIL & IPF- safety integrity level & Instrumented Protective function design & analysis;
✔ Desk HSE reviews;
✔ Field and DCS/ESD Instruments design, selection and maintenance;
✔ Design Documents Development & Reviews in accordance with project specification and best practice such as P&IDs, Cause & Effect charts, process control narratives, Safeguarding narratives & memorandum, Hook-up Diagrams, Plant & equipment layouts, Loop drawings, Equipment specification, datasheets, Inspection & test plans;
✔ Familiar with Australian and International design standards and codes;
✔ Project management;
✔ Technical Bid evaluation and vendor selection;
✔ Change justification processes (based on economics and HSE);
✔ Reliability and maintenance Assessment, INtools, PACER and SAP-PM (computerized management systems), Spares and interchangeability strategy;
✔ Safety & Environmental Critical element performance standards development and verification covering FPSOs, Onshore, offshore and Subsea structures;
✔ Asset Risk & Quantitative analysis tools like decision tree, Monte Carlo, discounted cash flow (DCF), Net Present value (NPV);
✔ Subsea layouts, development and equipment selection/specification;
✔ Process Risk & Quantitative analysis & reduction methodology such as: – consequence modelling using
✔ Point source method and View factor method
✔ Vapour Cloud Explosion modelling using TNT equivalence method, the TNO multi-energy method and Baker-Strehlow method;
✔ Gas dispersion modelling using Gaussian model and Plume model;
✔ Toxic gas dosage estimation using the Probit function.
✔ Plant capability / availability modelling
✔ RBI / RCM / FMECA analysis
✔ Life Cycle Costs calculation
✔ Production loss calculations
✔ Workforce trade makeup and year by year loading
✔ Spares requirements determination
✔ Cataloguing of material
✔ Maintenance strategy development
✔ Maintenance procedure writing
✔ Maintenance Management Systems Implementation
✔ Maintenance Business Process Re-engineering
✔ Work issue and recording methodologies
✔ Implementation of ISO 55000 Asset Management Specification