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AfricAus business supports all facets of development and operation of life of production facilities.
Maintenance and Reliability engineering are key components of achieving the most economic cost of operations combined with predictability of production infrastructure availability.

AfricAus brings broad industry knowledge to define the best economic model for maintenance and operation from the development of a strategy for the operating life during the conceptual phase, through to preservation strategies for the decommissioning / mothballing phase of the facility’s life.

Through data analysis, reliability modelling systems and maintenance improvement programs, to hands –on management of maintenance, AfricAus has a broad practical capability that has been proven to enhance a range of production facilities. In oil and gas; power generation; mineral extraction; port, rail and road operations, AfricAus’s personnels have supported customers in achieving greater availability for their facilities, be it in continuous operations or ensuring speedy start-up for greenfield facilities.
Embedding this maintenance management capability alongside our broad engineering capability brings practical project outcomes.

Gone are the days when the first years of production were plagued by unplanned outages and surprises for the maintenance team. We deliver a comprehensive and optimised maintenance program, oaded into the maintenance management system so that the plant receives the care it requires from day one.

This is achieved using a range of tools from maintenance task libraries to modelling. Information can be periodically updated and the maintenance models analysed to predict the impact of strategies that correspond to market demands.
Perth in Western Australia, Brisbane in Queensland, Ontario in Canada, Houston in the US, Lagos and Port-Harcourt in Nigeria are key centres for our maintenance expertise. The unique blend of rapidly growing industries in these regions and AfricAus’s strong presence allow us to sustain a critical mass of industry experts in Maintenance and Reliability Engineering. This expertise is then provided globally across all of AfricAus geographical regions.