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Operational Readiness & Implementation Plan

7. Operation readiness & Implementation plan
We work with our Greenfield Operators (and our experienced Operators alike) to ensure that their Operation readiness and Implementation Plan is tip-top and will assure success. We look at areas such as:

Alignment of your asset management strategy to your Corporate Vision. Evaluation and, where necessary, optimisation of your Production/Maintenance Objectives.

7a. We evaluate your Production Division Operating Philosophy with respect to the following:
✔ Quality Management
✔ Organisational Structure/Business Processes
✔ Skills Based Organisation
✔ Internal Interfaces
✔ External Interfaces
✔ Manpower numbers
✔ Training Needs
✔ Contracting strategy
✔ Commissioning Starter
✔ Company Culture
✔ Incentive/Retention Schemes

7b. We evaluate your operational Organisation in the following areas;
✔ Organisation Structure
✔ Manpower and Staff profiling for succession and continuity plan
✔ “Maturity” of Organisation
✔ Indiginization strategy (where necessary)

7c. We provide following support to construction team and EPC contractor in the following areas;
✔ Technical Reviews and Studies
✔ Model Review
✔ DCS Configuration
✔ Graphics development
✔ Sequence of Events Recorded (SER)
✔ Alarm Management
✔ Factory Acceptance Test (FAT)
✔ Development of safeguarding and Solids/Liquids handling
✔ Review of PFD and P&ID
✔ Logistics, Supply, of chemicals and feedstock.
✔ Site Integration Test Procedure Evaluation
✔ SIL/IPF Classification, Evaluation and Implementation

7d. We support your commissioning efforts in the following areas;
✔ Systems Compliance Manual review/optimisation
✔ Commissioning manual review/optimisation
✔ Equipment Closure procedure review/optimisation
✔ Commissioning check-lists review/optimisation
✔ Development of punchlists
✔ Simulation runs procedures review/optimisation
✔ Formal Handover and Performance Tests
✔ Documentation

7e. We support your START-UP efforts in the following areas;
✔ “As built” checks
✔ RFSU Manual review/optimisation
✔ “Red” spade procedure review/optimisation
✔ Test-runs procedures review/optimisation

7f. Eighter independently or in consultation with the OEMs, We help develop your mission critical systems such as;
✔ Training Simulator
✔ Operational Data Supervision
✔ Production planning and shipping model
✔ HSE Case
✔ Laboratory Information System
✔ Berth Scheduling System
✔ Emergency Response Manual
✔ HSE Manual
✔ Incident Reporting Procedures
✔ Permit to Work System
✔ Plant Safety Induction System
✔ Plant and System Change System (MOC)
✔ Security Systems
✔ Environment Procedures
✔ Chemical Registration manual
✔ Ship/Shore Safety check Lists
✔ Operating Manuals
✔ Feedstock Manuals
✔ Product Manual
✔ Gas Turbine Control Manual
✔ Compressor Anti-surge control and Production manual
✔ Process Control Manual
✔ Gas Treatment Manual
✔ Plant Integrity Manual
✔ Marine Interface Manual
✔ Standard Order Manual
✔ Process Information Management System (PIMS)
✔ Operating Procedures
✔ Trip Reporting Procedures
✔ Communications Procedures
✔ Operating Instructions
✔ Bunker Handling Manual
✔ Engineering Work Request
✔ Maintenance Procedures/standing orders

7g. We complement the following aspects of your Marine Interfaces
✔ Tug and Mooring Boat Acquisition Strategy
✔ Passenger Vessel Acquisition Strategy
✔ Aircraft Logistics
✔ Manage Port Operations Strategy
✔ Berthing trials and Jetty Instructions
✔ Hydro-graphic Survey
✔ Pilot Training Simulator
✔ Vessel Traffic Systems (VTS)
✔ Navigation and Passage Planning
✔ Marine Notices and Passage Planning
✔ Passenger Boat Safety
✔ Port Information Book/Port regulation
✔ Licences
✔ Audits

7h. We evaluate your Human Resources Readiness by looking at your
✔ Recruitment strategy
✔ Progression scheme
✔ Appraisal scheme
✔ Job description
✔ Staff development and succession planning
✔ Shift rosters and procedures

7i. We evaluate the capability of each of your key technical organisation such as;
✔ Mechanical (Static & Rotating Equipment) Section
✔ Inspection Section
✔ Instrument Section
✔ Electrical Section
✔ Materials and Logistics Section
✔ Projects and Construction section
✔ Civil Section

7j. We evaluate your key strategies for alignment or otherwise with your corporate objectives. We focus on araes such as;
✔ Manpower
✔ Training
✔ Indigenization
✔ Community engagement and social responsibility

7k. We check to see that you have accurately set-up the following in all key areas of your business chains;
✔ KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS (KPI) (including strategy for Auditing them)
✔ Key Result Areas (KRA)
✔ Including appropriate strategy for Auditing these.

7L. We take a long and hard look at your Technical Services Department evaluating the effectiveness of the following aspect;
✔ Organisation Structure
✔ Process and Utility Technology
✔ Environmental Technology
✔ Process Control Technology
✔ Information Technology
✔ Laboratory Services
✔ Indigenization
✔ Plant Integrity
✔ Laboratory

7m. We evaluate your General Services Department with respect to;
✔ Staffing
✔ Public Affairs/Community Relations
✔ Estate Services (for remote locations)
✔ General Services
✔ Schools, shops, hospital and Recreation Facilities for Local/Expatriate communities (where applicable)

7n. We examine your FIRE FIGHTING, SAFETY AND SECURITY systems under the microscope with respect to the following;
✔ HSE Policy
✔ Alcohol and Drug Policy
✔ Permit to Work System
✔ Incident Reporting Procedure
✔ Plant Safety and Induction System
✔ Occupational Health & Hygiene Indicators

✔ Fire Fighting Policy
✔ Systems design
✔ Emergency Response manual
✔ Fire Fighting Equipment
✔ Fire Equipment Services Manual
✔ Fire Fighting Educational/Training Plan
✔ Inspection and Test plans
✔ In hotspots around the world we examine the adequacy of your Security Systems e.g
✔ The SPY police
✔ Support from local law enforcement agencies
✔ Contract with private security providers
✔ Emergency response
✔ Emission and Waste
✔ Occupational Health