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Project Management Consultants

As an operator in the energy industry, you must know that accuracy of project budget depends largely on your team’s knowledge of the job at hand. Excellent knowledge of the job leads to accurate work-breakdown-structure that leads to correct activities planning/scheduling. This leads to prevention of budget blow-outs that have, sadly, come to characterize major projects in the 20th and 21st century.

Our team compliment  the existing offerings in the market. We are able to assist existing Asset Management Entities to audit their deliverables before they are submitted to their various clients. That way, we save you time & Top-$$$ in costly reworks usually caused by simple oversight and lack of well thought-through work breakdown structure. We can help you during the scoping phase to establish a WBS that guarantees a +/- 2% accuracy in your estimated man-hours so you are sure that your CTRs are tip-top and adequately costed so you do not commit to impossible deliverables which always lead to variations, frustrations/stresses and/or over-spent budget during detailed execution.

Our team at Afric-Aus  are able to take a look at clients’ your Maintenance, Engineering, Shutdown, Re-configuration projects and come up with optimum WBS that guarantees that no key value adding is left unplanned or unscheduled. We achieve these while keeping in line with relevant quality, health and safety, and environmental requirements of the industry.