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✔ Crude Oil Distillation unit
✔ Vacuum distillation
✔ Naphtha hydrotreater unit
✔ Catalytic reforming unit
✔ Alkylation unit
✔ Isomerization unit
✔ Distillate hydrotreater unit
✔ Merox (mercaptan oxidizer) or similar units
✔ Amine gas treater, Claus unit
✔ Fluid catalytic cracking (FCC) unit
✔ Hydrocracker unit
✔ Visbreaker unit
✔ Delayed coking and fluid coker units
✔ Steam reformer unit
✔ Sour water stripper
✔ Utility units such as cooling towers for furnishing circulating cooling water, steam generators, instrument air systems for pneumatically operated control valves and an electrical substation.
✔ Wastewater collection and treating systems
✔ Liquefied gas (LPG) storage systems
✔ Storage tanks for crude oil and finished products

Schematic flow diagram of a typical crude oil distillation unit as used in petroleum crude oil refineries.
Source: Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0