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Maintenance effectiveness is improved by AfricAus through the provision of ;
FEED Stage Optioneering
Getting the design right for Reliability, availability and Mainteinability. We check to assure that you chosethe correct configuration to maximise production capability.

Evaluation & Optimization of reliability and integrity of your CMMS taxonomy
This is the starting point for a reliable organisation. The integrity of data, how and when data is fed to the CMMS determines the quality and accuracy of the overall reliability, availability and (on-spec) production. This is why we take this aspect of asset management seriously at Afric-Aus Technical Solutions.
We believe in the conbcept of the age-old GIGO (Garbage in Garbage out). This is a costly phenomenaon that has prevented many operators around the globe from achieveing their business goals. Accurate datat leads to accurate measurement which leads to value-adding controls in all aspect of the business chain.

Risked Based inspection (RBI)
Maintenance strategy design based on risk associuated with degradation mechanisms derived from combination of your material selection, operating environment and operational parameters.

Failure Mode, effect and Criticality Analysis (FMECA):
Know the failure modes and criticality of each of your numerous assets to your business drivers. That helps you to streamline maintenance and optimization efforts. You only focus 80% of your efforts on the 20% of your assets that have the greatrest impact on your business drivers be they HSE, regulations, commercial & ROI or reputation.

Functional analysis using Functional Block Diagrams (FBD)
we check to assure that your mission-critical priocess and utility systems haved the right reduindancy to help you achieve your mision and vision.

Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM)
We help you to design the right maintenance to suit your operating environments / conditions.
You must know that Vendors often get it wrong because they default to off-the-shelf methodology which often does not satisfy the reality of your operating environment e.g designs for sakahlin in Russia does not necessarily apply to Curtis Island in Australia or Bonny Island in Nigeria as an example.

Spares Analysis and Optimization
Consequent to an accurate FMECA, we tailor your spares/SPIRS for maximum production/business availability using a combination of award-winning methodology that incorporates lead-time, MTBF, MTTR, cost and local availability. That means you only store what is necessary thus optimizing your space needs especially when you operate offshore facilities like FPSO, Drilling MODU, FLNG, Processing Platforms, Subsea systems or you operate on Islands where your footprint need serious minimization

We deal with suppliers of your main equipoment like Turbine, Compressors and Large pumps for a rotable arrangement that allows you leverage on storage at suppliers’ yards.

Top 10 Bad actors Identification and resolution
Consequent to an accurate failure and maintenance data analysis, we help you identify your top bad actors and carry out RCA to get to the root causes of those failures. We then propose various methods to eliminate their failures. This could involve one or combination of methiodologies such as Minor or Major Plant changes, configuration changes and or re-engineering. We go through the entire lifecycle including installation and re-commissioning where necessary.