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Who is Afric-Aus ?

We are driven to improve the safety, Reliability and Performance of assets, people, systems and processes across all sectors of the energy, mining and infrastructure industry, helping our clients resolve the most demanding technical, regulatory and commercial challenges. We achieve this NOT by being $$$-draining CONSULTANTS but by working hand-in-hand with our clients, creating an exciting team atmosphere where real & measurable values are added to your people and businesses.

We find, and help you close, the gaps in your business before the regulators call.
Our clients operate in increasingly difficult business environment which can present unprecedented technical, regulatory and commercial challenges. For this reason, Afric-Aus Technical Solutions Pty Ltd, an expert organisation with the skills to solve complex problems remains at the very forefront of technical and commercial innovation.

Afric-Aus Technical Solutions applies its expert knowledge and independence to help clients and regulators design, construct, commission, operate and maintain their capital intensive assets and businesses to their highest level of safety and performance.

Our world class expertise allows us to resolve and share solutions to the most complex situations, providing the confidence demanded by engineering principles, government regulations and industry codes and standards.
We draw on a long heritage of fresh, innovative thinking in response to new technologies and challenges. The one consistent element is our commitment to independence, integrity and always doing the right thing.
Our skills are best-in-class in identifying potential risks through compliance auditing and inspections from concept through design phases to operational life cycle activities.
We are a new fresh of breath bringing innovative and cost effective methodology to asset management.
Through strategic industry collaboration we will continue to drive and advance knowledge, technologies, systems and solutions needed to promote safety, reliability and Return-on-investment in an increasingly complex world.